You booked Joshua and want to know how to prepare?

Here is what you need to know. 

A hard copy of this rider will be attached to the email with your contract. 


Thanks for your interest in hosting me. I look forward to meeting your group! The information on this page is essential to getting the most out of a performance or presentation from me, and they are an extremely important part of my speaking and performing agreement.

If booking a hypnosis show, there are additional set up requirements. In that case a copy of The Hypnosis Show Rider will be provided along with the contract. 

Over the past 30 years, I have given thousands of performances and presentations to groups as small as five and as large as five thousand.

During that time, I have learned what makes a successful engagement. I have also discovered that when there is a problem, the event set up or technical team were not given advance notice of what was needed for me to do my best work.

I hope this clarifies everything for everyone so we can have an amazing event!


Joshua Routh’s Rider 

1. Joshua’s Technological Equipment: Joshua uses a HP Envy laptop running Prezi software. He has his own computer and his own VGA/HDMI adapter, so a standard VGA or HDMI cable works great. HDMI is preferred.

His presentation does not run on any other computer but his.

He also has a Logitech Wireless Remote, it uses AAA batteries. Please have fresh batteries on hand.

The laptop should be visible with no obstructions within 20 feet of Joshua onstage. It works great to have a small table with the laptop on it, in full view of Joshua.

2. Inputs and electricity: There will be audio in the presentation, in the event VGA is being used, please have an audio jack available. AC power should be within six feet of the computer.

3. Microphone: For groups of more than 25 people, Joshua needs a microphone.  He needs a wireless lavalier microphone (clip-on tie microphone, not an earpiece. The microphone connects via a belt pack).

Please be sure that you have tested it on all areas of the stage for volume and for feedback.

The mic pack should have fresh batteries and where possible a back-up mic should be ready.

Joshua is not able to do his best job with a wired microphone, a handheld microphone, or a podium microphone.

He often travels with his own microphone system, if you would prefer that, please notify him within 7 days of the event.  

Please have an additional handheld microphone with fresh batteries and someone to walk it around for Q&A purposes.

4. Video Screens: Some larger audiences are best served using iMag (Image Magnification), which projects an image of the speaker on several large screens. 

This works well, however if a speaking event, Joshua must have a dedicated screen for his slides, it will not work to switch back and forth between iMag and his slides on one screen. If iMag is being used, it must have its own dedicated screen.

5. Audience Space: If performing in a theater please keep aisles clear. Proscenium stage is preferred.

Performing in the round is less than ideal. In that instance, some portion of the audience will always be looking at Joshua’s back and the audience will likely miss many of the slides in the presentation unless additional projection screens are built in.

If in a space other than a theater, a floor plan should be submitted to Joshua no later than 7 days before the event.

There should be no distance from the performing area to the first few guests of more than 10 feet. Performers refer to this as “The Dance Floor of Death.”

Having too great a distance from the audience leads to a disconnect that is difficult to overcome.

Table centerpieces should be no higher than 1 foot tall.

Guests and patrons should not be eating, not even dessert, during any portion of the presentation.

6. Performing/Presentation Space: Joshua needs a minimum of 10 feet each direction to move about and a secure, sturdy floor.

The stage area should be unobstructed and clean. You will want to remove any plants, podiums, pianos etc. from the performing area.

7. Green Room/Storage Space: Though not always possible, a secure private staging area/green room and private bathroom for Joshua are preferred.

If a private room is not available a Joshua will require a secure area for his set up needs.

It is not necessary to have snacks or meals for Joshua, but please have bottled water on hand. If it is a long day without a chance for Joshua to leave for a meal, then please provide an organic vegan meal. 

8. Tech Run Through: A tech run through is a necessary part of the presentation. Joshua can often be available up to 4 hours before and in some cases the day/night before the event for a tech run through.

He will not be able to leave his laptop or presentation materials on site without his presence.

For speaking engagements: The first slide of Joshua’s presentation is his intro slide.

The second is a quote that should be onscreen at the start of his talk–this gives your tech team the ability to switch to his slides long before he gets on stage.

His final slide is a bouquet of roses.

Please confirm that you can build this into your run of show.

9. Q&A: If doing a Q&A, this portion should only last roughly 10-15 min.

There are two ways of doing Q&A, Open Format and Moderated. Open format Q&A is tempting but not always the most effective way to end the presentation.

Instead, Joshua recommends asking selected audience members to submit questions to a moderator in advance.

Then, when the talk is over, you can have one person firing off the questions.

This ends the meeting on an energetic note.

If you opt for Open Format, try to have two people walking around ready to mic patrons that have questions.

10. Hotel: If the event involves an overnight stay, please be sure to find a hotel that is either at the venue or closer to the airport than the venue itself.

The hotel room must be non-smoking.

11. Photography and Video: Time can be made for photos before the presentation, please request it no later than no later than 7 days before the event.

During the presentation, Photo and Video is allowed, but please, no flash photography during the presentation.

Before any photo or video is posted externally or on the internet, Joshua has the exclusive right to approve it.

Joshua reserves the right to receive a copy of any photos or videos taken by the client for his own purposes.

Joshua does not authorize any client to sell, commercialize, monetize, or distribute any recordings, notes, handouts, or photos.

12. Contact: If you need to contact Joshua before the event, email is quicker and more effective than a conference call.

Joshua can be reached at Joshua@JoshuaRouth.com

13. Suggested introduction:

Joshua Routh is a nationally recognized entertainer, author, and educator.

He is the owner of one of the largest variety arts talent agencies in the Midwest, Circus Kaput.

He has performed in a wide variety of capacities including TV commercials, comedy clubs, circus, theater, and for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Through his adventures he has met, worked with,and performed for many famous and infamous people such as California Governor Gavin Newsom, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, President Bill Clinton, Cardi B, Flea, Offset, Andy Cohen, Ellie Kemper and Jenna Fischer.

As a creative facilitator he has taught workshops for corporations such as Edward Jones, Wells Fargo, and Google. He has also served as an adjunct professor for several universities.

Recently he performed with comedian and actor TJ Miller on his 'Perpetuity Tour' and in 2020 published his book Mind Blowing Presentations.

Joshua loves dogs and has three rescue pups that he spends most of his downtime cuddling.

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