Whether you are looking for a Keynote Talk, a Breakout Session at a Conference, a Team Training Day or a Workshop Series, this is where you will find solutions and growth. 
For over 25 years, Joshua has been presenting in a wide variety of capacities including breakouts and workshops for corporations like Wells Fargo and Google. He has been adjunct faculty at universities like SLU Business School. He has also taught highly successful sessions at many arts, government and education based conferences.  In his talks, workshops and breakouts he shares the skills that have made him a highly sought-after speaker and educator.
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Joshua is an expert on giving Mind Blowing Presentations and is a successful entrepreneur with a pretty epic personal story. In his 'INVEST IN CONNECTION' talk he shares valuable lessons he has learned from over 30 years in the circus and variety arts industry. Specifically he talks about how Connection is at the core of his success and the focus of all he does. He shares how these lessons can help foster connection and well-being in organizations and teams. 


You and your group could use a bump to take their presentations to the next level.

This is because today's presenter must truly engage the audience in ways that until recently have never been explored.

Joshua’s presentations blow minds, and in this breakout he shares the secret.


After two years of working from home, your team is probably feeling a little disconnected. They may not know each other as well as they used to, and they may be struggling to collaborate effectively.

That's where Rapid Reconnecting comes in. Our program is designed to help teams quickly rebuild the trust, communication, and collaboration skills that they need to succeed.

We do this through a series of games and exercises that help team members get to know each other again, build rapport, and learn how to work together effectively.

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