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You and your group could use a bump to take their presentations to the next level.

This is because today's presenter must truly engage the audience in ways that until recently have never been explored.

Joshua’s presentations blow minds, and in this session he shares the secret.

josh routh workshops

In this session attendees learn: 

  • Structuring presentations to harness all learning styles
  • Attention grabbers including tricks and stunts
  • How to make ideas and concepts sticky 
  • How to successfully get responses from your audience.... Not glazed eyes. 
  • The power of debrief and much more.

“Joshua Routh was an amazing collaborative partner. His quality and professionalism is unparalleled in the St. Louis region. I cannot wait to work with him again. His spirit and talent helped carry my presentation through to perfection. Without his help, I'm certain I would not have received the results I did.” - Sean Trani, Pelopidas

It could be said Joshua Routh wrote the book on Mind Blowing Presentations.

Because he did.

His book and workshop has been used by many people to gain an edge and improve their presentation skills exponentially.

Joshua has over 20 years’ experience directing, choreographing, writing, and consulting for theatrical productions, magic acts, circuses, and films. He has a broad knowledge base of what it takes to create a Mind Blowing Presentation. Many businesses and conferences have commissioned his skills to help their staff and attendees grow as presenters. 

In the era of TED talks and PechaKucha presentations, it has become clear that a microphone and a PowerPoint are not enough to excite an audience. Today's presenter must truly engage the audience in ways that until recently have never been explored. 

Joshua's Mind Blowing Presentations workshop follows this 5 module process:

Module 1: Insight and Awareness – Understanding the skills participants have and assess areas for growth

Module 2: Creativity and Inspiration - Finding a memorable message and making it stick

Module 3: Magic, Storytelling and Structure, and the Audience Response - Tricks and tips for grabbing attention, blowing minds, and building the presentation 

Module 4: Presentation Skills and Audience Response - Learning the physical skills for presenting and managing an audience

Module 5: Presenting and Debrief - Observing sample presentations and creating notes for future refinement

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn a little magic!
  • Gain a practical understanding of every aspect of presentation
  • Explore the power of storytelling in business
  • Build Presence
  • Read the room and respond to it
  • Control and channel nervous energy to your advantage
  • Develop strong control of vocal and non-verbal communication
  • Handle tricky situations and people smoothly
  • Structure presentations for maximum impact
  • Create powerful meaning to technicality
  • Introduce play in presentations – for our own benefit and others’
  • Use presentation skills as leadership tools
  • Take charge of a room and motivating your audience
  • Learn the art of persuasion and influence
  • Gain confidence!

And much, much more!

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