Astounding feats of absurdity! With his own special blend of magic, humor, and audience participation, entertainer extraordinaire Joshua Routh presents a night of stunning stunts, reality shattering mentalism and hilarious antics.

Mental Mayhem Features:

  • Mental mastery - Displays of advanced memorization and mathematical skill.
  • Psychological manipulation - The illusion of choice is demonstrated.
  • Mind Reading - Thoughts transmitted across the stage.
  • Comedy - Always clean but still edgy, nothing hokey. Human Resources will not disapprove!
  • Audience Participation - Many volunteers can take part in the show.
  • Mind Over Body Stunts - Sword swallowing and more!
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Mental Mayhem is an evening of wonder and delight where impossibilities are brought to life right in front of your eyes. The show's concept is edgy, unique, and very funny.

Experience the transmission of thought, see expert sleight of hand, and take part in a chain escape unlike any you have ever seen before.

You will agree that this show is a theatrical adventure like no other! You do not want to miss out on this nonstop, interactive, and fun presentation!

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