Joshua speaks on many topics including Persistence, Body Language, Debrief, Teamwork, Public Speaking and Employee Engagement.

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Joshua captivated my team with his wit. I Learned that while my business lessons are important, how you make your team feel is the best takeaway. Joshua is a great resource to make your team feel great!

David Blackburn - CEO, Southern Rock Restaurants


It takes only a moment for you to realize that you have no control over nouns – People, Places, Things.

You do however have control over verbs – actions.

In this talk Joshua examines the boundaries of our control and how to shift our focus.

“I am so glad I booked you to speak. You were great!! I really liked your talk, it honestly put into words how I am trying to grow both professionally and personally. So many solutions, it’s obvious you have thought about this a lot. What a great topic!” - Rebecca K. Pate, Arts and Humanities Director - YMCA

Verb Focused Thinking means keeping your mind on YOUR own actions and making the best choices possible. It is based on the realization that we don't have power over nouns and pronouns (other people and things).

Joshua knows a lot about taking action. He built his career taking the actions others were too afraid or complacent to take. This talk is all about how action focused thinking changed his life.

Along the way Joshua shares personal stories from his adventures. He shares tales from his years training and performing with Chinese acrobats, his time as a forest fire fighter, the challenges of owning one of the largest variety artist booking agencies in the mid-west and becoming one of only 100 sword swallowers in the world (he also demonstrates that skill).

These stories and anecdotes form a dramatic backdrop to the meaning he has found living a verb focused life. 

"A leader must look at their own actions. Their mind should be focusing on their own choices. By their example, they will inspire others to follow suit and they will have ownership for their personal results. A leader must lead by attraction, rather than promotion, and lead by facilitation rather than by force." - Joshua Routh 

When we feel unmotivated, we often look outside of ourselves for the cause. We point the finger at external causes and play the blame game. By doing this, we are looking in the wrong direction. The answer to the mystery of motivation is found inside our own mind.

In this talk Joshua shares the most up to date and honest thinking on habits, choices, change and growth presented in an entertaining way. He tells stories of grit, determination, struggles and successes. Importantly, he also shares the things he has learned from his failures. Such as the hard lessons that led him to discover that he only has so much attention to give and how much he was wasting on things and people out of his control.

Along the way, attendees will learn how to re-frame negative thought patterns, unlock the barriers to goals, break down fears and make new healthy connections to success. They will learn the latest data about the psychology of action and why merely setting a goal is never enough.

Also Joshua will share an incredible visualization tool, because once you can visualize the mental path to victory, success becomes much simpler. Joshua will show you the way onto that path and what it takes to stay there.

If you are serious about your team or company achieving success at the very highest levels, this talk is what you are looking for. Joshua has created, what has been described as nothing less than a game changing presentation.

Find out why Joshua' s Action Focused Thinking presents the most up to date thinking on habits, change and growth presented in an entertaining way.

  •         Understand habit loops. 
  •         Discover how to silence the negative voices in your head.
  •         Find out how to cure the virus of negative thinking within your team.
  •         The Mind of Leadership: Achieve growth mindset of the world’s most successful and influential people.
  •         Learn the power of failure and debrief to maintain change.
  •         Quickly and accurately eliminate fear and other blockades to goals. 


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He is happy to tie in key concepts and core values of your organization.

About Joshua

Joshua Routh is a master psychological entertainer and speaker.

He has worked with many organizations on improving communication through body language and clearing the mental blocks that keep us from reaching our potential.

Bringing Josh to your group is a proven way to add effective tools to your teams toolbox and achieve the metrics your leadership desires.


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