Joshua is an expert on giving Mind Blowing Presentations and an entrepreneur with a pretty epic personal story.

In his 'What's Under Your Big Top?' Keynote talk he shares valuable lessons he has learned from over 30 years in the circus and variety arts industry. He shares how these lessons can help foster connection and well-being in organizations and teams. 



What's Under Your Bigtop? Keynote

“I am so glad I booked you to speak. You were great!! I really liked your talk, it honestly put into words how I am trying to grow both professionally and personally. So many solutions, it’s obvious you have thought about this a lot. What a great topic!” - Rebecca K. Pate, Arts and Humanities Director - YMCA

josh routh keynote speaker

"Talk does not cook rice." - Master Lu Yi of the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe

Joshua has learned a lot about taking risks. He built his career taking the actions others were too afraid or complacent to take. This talk is all about how his action focused thinking changed his life.

When Joshua is standing before your group, the audience always leans forward. 

He shares tales from his years training and performing with Chinese acrobats, his time as a forest fire fighter, the challenges of owning one of the largest variety artist booking agencies in the Mid-West and becoming one of only 100 sword swallowers in the world (he also demonstrates that skill).

These stories and anecdotes form a dramatic backdrop to this mind blowing keynote. 

josh routh keynote speaker


You were AWESOME! Thank you so much for the message and entertainment. I heard so many great things about you from our attendees.

Thank you!

Sarah Will - EIDASC Conference Planner

josh routh keynote speaker


Special note: Any additional information provided by the client in regards to the theme, content, slogan or messageof the event can be incorporated into the presentation.

Please provide any materials available to Joshua so he can prepare a special customized portion of his presentation.

He is happy to tie in key concepts and core values of your organization.

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About Joshua

Joshua Routh is a master entertainer and speaker.

He has worked with many organizations on improving communication through body language and clearing the mental blocks that keep us from reaching our potential.

Bringing Josh to your group is a proven way to add effective tools to your team's toolbox and achieve the metrics your leadership desires.

josh routh speaker and entertainer


The best event planners realize that an event is a success if it features:

  • An Engaging Activity - The most successful events feature something that absolutely captivates the group's attention.
  • Humor - People love to laugh! One of the easiest ways to leave your guests with positive memories of your event is to engage them in an activity that keeps everyone laughing.
  • Inoffensive Content - An event is greatly enhanced by a presentation that is clean and non-offensive to everyone.
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