Joshua is an expert on giving Mind Blowing Presentations and is a successful entrepreneur with a pretty epic personal story.

In his 'INVEST IN CONNECTION' talk he shares valuable lessons he has learned from over 30 years in the circus and variety arts industry. Specifically he talks about how Connection is at the core of his success and the focus of all he does. He shares how these lessons can help foster connection and well-being in organizations and teams. 


Joshua, You were AWESOME! Thank you so much for the message and entertainment. I heard so many great things about you from our attendees. Thank you!

Sarah Will - EIDASC Conference Planner

About Joshua's 'INVEST IN CONNECTION' Keynote

Connection is the key investment for delivering the ROI of growth, profit, stability and success.

Joshua Routh is a highly sought-after speaker, known for delivering engaging and inspiring speeches that motivate individuals and teams to connect and collaborate effectively. With years of experience in the industry, Joshua has developed an expertise in the art of connection and has helped countless organizations improve communication, collaboration, and overall workplace culture.

Through his personal experiences and research-backed insights, Joshua will share practical strategies and techniques for building meaningful connections in the workplace. He will discuss the role that emotional intelligence plays in fostering a positive workplace culture and share tips for improving communication and collaboration among team members.

Joshua's approach is grounded in the belief that everyone has something unique to offer, and by creating a culture of trust and respect, individuals and teams can tap into each other's strengths and work together more effectively. His talks are designed to be insightful, thought-provoking, and actionable, leaving his audience with practical insights and tools that they can apply in their work and personal lives.

Whether you're a manager, team leader, or employee, Joshua's message is relevant to you. With his expertise and masterful ability to connect with his audience, he will inspire and empower you to build stronger relationships, collaborate more effectively, and create a more positive and productive workplace.

Book Joshua Routh today and experience firsthand the power of connection in the workplace!

“I am so glad I booked you to speak. You were great!! I really liked your talk, it honestly put into words how I am trying to grow both professionally and personally. So many solutions, it’s obvious you have thought about this a lot. What a great topic!” - Rebecca K. Pate, Arts and Humanities Director - YMCA

Here are some examples of the practical strategies and techniques that Joshua Routh might share during his keynote speech on the power of connection in the workplace:

The importance of active listening: Joshua may discuss how active listening can help individuals and teams understand each other's perspectives better and build stronger connections. He may offer tips for effective listening, such as maintaining eye contact, asking clarifying questions, and summarizing what the other person has said.

Building trust through vulnerability: Joshua may talk about how vulnerability can help individuals build trust with one another. He may encourage individuals to share their thoughts and feelings openly with their colleagues, emphasizing that vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.

Embracing diversity: Joshua may discuss the importance of embracing diversity in the workplace and valuing the unique perspectives and backgrounds that each person brings to the table. He may share strategies for creating an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

The role of emotional intelligence: Joshua may discuss how emotional intelligence can help individuals build stronger connections with their colleagues and navigate workplace relationships more effectively. He may offer tips for developing emotional intelligence, such as practicing self-awareness and empathy.

Collaborating effectively: Joshua may discuss how effective collaboration requires strong connections between team members. He may offer strategies for improving collaboration, such as setting clear goals and expectations, communicating openly and transparently, and giving and receiving feedback constructively.

josh routh keynote speaker

Those are just a few examples of the insights and strategies that Joshua Routh might share during his keynote speech on the power of connection in the workplace. His talks are designed to be practical, actionable, and tailored to the specific needs of his audience, so you can expect to come away with valuable insights and tools that you can apply in your work and personal life.

Here are some more takeaways - 

Reconnecting with colleagues: Joshua may discuss how the pandemic and remote work have led to a sense of disconnection among colleagues. He may offer strategies for reconnecting with colleagues, such as scheduling virtual coffee breaks or team-building activities, or using video conferencing to have more face-to-face conversations.

Building a sense of community: Joshua may talk about how creating a sense of community in the workplace can help to reduce anxiety and improve mental health. He may offer tips for building a community, such as creating a shared vision or mission, celebrating successes, and encouraging open communication.

Mindfulness practices: Joshua may discuss the benefits of mindfulness practices for reducing anxiety and improving focus. He may offer tips for incorporating mindfulness practices into the workday, such as taking a few minutes to meditate or practice deep breathing, or taking regular breaks to stretch and move.

Removing barriers to connection: Joshua may talk about how certain barriers can prevent individuals from connecting with their colleagues. He may offer strategies for removing these barriers, such as addressing conflicts directly, promoting open communication, and creating a safe and inclusive work environment.

Overcoming anxiety: Joshua may discuss how anxiety can impact workplace relationships and productivity. He may offer tips for managing anxiety, such as practicing self-care, setting boundaries, and seeking support from colleagues and mental health professionals.

josh routh keynote speaker
josh routh keynote speaker

Joshua has learned a lot about taking risks, connecting with a team and forging a path to success. He built his career taking the actions others were too afraid or complacent to take. 'Invest In Connection' is all about how his connection focused thinking changed his life.

When Joshua is standing before your group, the audience always leans forward. 

He shares tales from his years training and performing with Chinese acrobats, his time as a forest fire fighter, the challenges of owning one of the largest variety artist booking agencies in the Mid-West and becoming one of only 100 sword swallowers in the world (he also demonstrates that skill).

These stories and anecdotes form a dramatic backdrop to this mind blowing keynote. 

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