Whether as Master of Ceremonies, Crowd Warm Up,or booked as the Headlining Act, Joshua never ceases to astound his audiences with his unique blend of comedy and high level skill. He is without a doubt, unforgettable.  



You put on a great event last time, but now you must top it.

You need something extraordinary, exciting, and fresh or maybe simply something that will make you look good to the boss and the team. 

Whether it is for his hilarious comedy mind reading and stunt show "Mental Mayhem", as a nimble event host or MC, or his incredible comedy stage hypnosis show "Hypnotically Hilarious", Joshua’s Entertainment Offerings check all the boxes and more!


Mind reading, stunts, comedy, audience participation and more!

With his own special blend of magic and comedy, entertainer extraordinaire Joshua Routh presents a night of stunning stunts, reality shattering mind reading and hilarious antics.

Mental Mayhem is an evening of wonder and delight where impossibilities are brought to life right in front of your eyes. The show's concept is edgy, unique, and very funny.

Experience the transmission of thought, see expert sleight of hand, and take part in a chain escape unlike any you have ever seen before.

You will agree that this show is a theatrical adventure like no other! You do not want to miss out on this nonstop, interactive, and fun presentation!

Mental Mayhem Features:

  • Mental mastery - Displays of advanced memorization and mathematical skill.
  • Psychological manipulation - The illusion of choice is demonstrated.
  • Mind Reading - Thoughts transmitted across the stage.
  • Comedy - Always clean but still edgy, nothing hokey. Human Resources will not disapprove!
  • Audience Participation - Many volunteers can take part in the show.
  • Mind Over Body Stunts - Sword swallowing and more!

Master Of Ceremonies

It is a special talent to be a professional Master of Ceremonies who can host the event keep it running smoothly and on time.

You want an MC with the skill to do all that, as well as entertain your audience with laughter and blowing their minds with wild stunts.

Joshua specializes in being your event host and emcee while creating lasting memories.

He is an incredible Master of Ceremonies capable of livening up the night with his comedic talents and amazing demonstrations of the impossible between sections of the presentation. 

When it comes to the perfect Master of Ceremonies for your corporate event or function, there are few more entertaining and accomplished than Joshua, He is a much sought after comedy host with a vast array of talents and an extensive and varied career. 

He has hosted business dinners, awards ceremonies, company galas, conferences, private functions and variety shows, as well as charity and corporate events, utilizing his many talents to bring together all the elements of the evening in a fast moving and entertaining fashion.

Joshua constantly works in close conjunction with event organizers, identifying exactly what is needed for each event and tailoring his skills accordingly to create the perfect environment for your function to be an unrivaled success.

Whatever your event, Joshua will ensure that it moves along in a style and fashion that will capture your audience’s imagination and give them plenty of laughs and surprises along the way.


Think of the funniest live show you have been to.

Think of the joy you felt.

Now imagine that joy incredibly amplified, multiplied by ten.

A hypnosis show starring your coworkers, team, students, guests, or conferenceattendees presented by Joshua Routh is one of the safest and most memorable entertainment options for your event! 

Joshua’s Stage Hypnosis programs combine interactive fun, non-offensive humor, music, amazing skill and more to give your special event entertainment that truly make your guests the stars of the show. By using ultra-safe, state-of-the-art hypnotic suggestion, your volunteers will be put into a relaxing trance state. Joshua will then alter their environments, create new personalities and much more. 

Other hypnotists talk about their “wild” and “crazy” show, but Joshua understands that safety comes first. You will relax, knowing that there will be no dangerous "stunts" to worry about.

During the show, your participants will:

  • Take a tropical vacation, complete with experiencing a warm summer day or the cool temperature of a breeze.
  • Go to a Hollywood world premier and rub elbows with celebrities.
  • Get to experience the thrill of driving the car of their dreams that includes a hilarious encounter on the road.
  • Take part in the funniest dance contest you have ever seen!And much, much more!

Staging is also extremely simple - just 12-15 chairs, a sound system and your guests! You can bring in a Las Vegas style show...without the headaches and with a full guarantee that the whole show will be 100% clean & non-offensive.


The best event planners realize that an event is a success if it features:

  • An Engaging Activity - The most successful events feature something that absolutely captivates the group's attention.
  • Humor - People love to laugh! One of the easiest ways to leave your guests with positive memories of your event is to engage them in an activity that keeps everyone laughing.
  • Inoffensive Content - An event is greatly enhanced by a presentation that is clean and non-offensive to everyone.


For over 25 years Joshua has entertained audiences nationwide with his unique performances.

His past and current corporate clients include Monsanto, Wells Fargo, Square and ExpressScripts.

He has been featured entertainment for Major League Baseball's World Series Gala, Ripley's Believe it Or Not and Six Flags.

His work has given him the opportunity to meet and perform for many famous people like TJ Miller, Andy Cohen, Ellie Kemper, The Neville Brothers, Flea, Woody Harrelson, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Missouri Governors Matt Blunt and Mike Parson. and former President Bill Clinton.

Make your event so much more memorable with Joshua as your entertainment choice!


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