Think of the funniest live show you have been to. Think of the joy you felt. Now imagine that joy incredibly amplified. Multiply that by 10 and you will have an idea how awesome this show is. 

A hypnosis show starring your coworkers, team, students, guests, or conferenceattendees presented by Joshua Routh is one of the safest and most memorable entertainment options for your event! 

Joshua’s Stage Hypnosis programs combine interactive fun, non-offensive humor, music, amazing skill and more to give your special event entertainment that truly make your guests the stars of the show. By using ultra-safe, state-of-the-art hypnotic suggestion, your volunteers will be put into a relaxing trance state. Joshua will then alter their environments, create new personalities and much more. 

Other hypnotists talk about their “wild” and “crazy” show, but Joshua understands that safety comes first. You will relax, knowing that there will be no dangerous "stunts" to worry about.

josh routh stage hypnotist
josh routh hypnotist entertainer

During the show, your participants will:

  • Take a tropical vacation, complete with experiencing a warm summer day or the cool temperature of a breeze.
  • Go to a Hollywood world premier and rub elbows with celebrities.
  • Get to experience the thrill of driving the car of their dreams that includes a hilarious encounter on the road.
  • Take part in the funniest dance contest you have ever seen!And much, much more!

Staging is also extremely simple - just 12-15 chairs, a sound system and your guests! You can bring in a Las Vegas style show...without the headaches and with a full guarantee that the whole show will be 100% clean & non-offensive.

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