Joshua offers two very popular breakout s:

Mind Blowing Presentations


Circus Skills

For over 25 years, Joshua has been presenting in a wide variety of capacities including breakouts and workshops for corporations like Wells Fargo and Google. He has been adjunct faculty at universities like SLU Business School. He has also taught highly successful sessions at many arts, government and education based conferences.  In his breakouts he shares the skills that have made him a highly sought-after speaker and educator.


You and your group could use a bump to take their presentations to the next level.

This is because today's presenter must truly engage the audience in ways that until recently have never been explored.

Joshua’s presentations blow minds, and in this breakout he shares the secret.


You need the perfect way to boost morale, re-engage with your staff, and get your team setting new goals.

Circus training helps to develop confidence, trust in others, leadership, and non-verbal communication.

Joshua's exciting and inspiring circus-themed breakouts have been designed to introduce your team to an incredible range of new skills and tools.

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About Joshua

Sharing his passion for learning new skills has been a big part of Joshua's life for many years. He has taught his breakout sessions on circus skills and giving amazing presentations for a wide variety of audiences. He has shared his knowledge at huge conferences, corporate meetings, conventions and training events.

Past corporate clients include Wells Fargo, Nestle Purina, Google and many others.

He has been an adjunct professor for SLU Business School and worked with many university students to apply the core lessons from circus skills and improv theater to grow well rounded future leaders.

He is regularly invited to teach at education conferences, working with teachers to make their lessons more engaging as well as his special brand of classroom management.

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The best event planners realize that an event is a success if it features:

  • An Engaging Activity - The most successful events feature something that absolutely captivates the group's attention.
  • Humor - People love to laugh! One of the easiest ways to leave your guests with positive memories of your event is to engage them in an activity that keeps everyone laughing.
  • Inoffensive Content - An event is greatly enhanced by a presentation that is clean and non-offensive to everyone.
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